How do I save an image or background to my computer?

PC Users: You can save backgrounds and clip art on by "right clicking on the image and selecting save as" to save to your computer.

Mac Users: Mac users - depending on the Mac product or mouse you are using there are a few options available that will allow you to save an image.

* With your cursor on the image you can use "Control, Right Click". You will need to hold down the control key as you right click.

* Another option might be to use "Control, Option, Right Click".

* If you are using a trackpad rather than a mouse a two finger tap over the image should allow a right click so the image can be saved.

Saving backgrounds:

* You would follow the same instructions above for right clicking and saving images.

When saving a background created by MyCuteGraphics, make sure to save the image from the background page (not the preview page) rather than the background category page. Otherwise, you might save a thumbnail image, which is much smaller and not usually seamless.

* The preview option on every background page is available to show you what a background would look like seamlessly tiled.

* Each background image is a tiled image and each varies in size. The backgrounds are not full page backgrounds, they are tiles only. By providing tiles you are then able to use the backgrounds in various ways as opposed to a full page background image.