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Updated: April 4th 2017 backgrounds and images are free to use for personal or educational use.

Backgrounds and images found On are Copyright © Laura Strickland and are protected by copyright laws! The work on this site is copyrighted work and is not public domain. The characters on this site are registered with the United States Copyright office.

I do not post my free clip art on any other site; my free clip art is posted solely on If you come across my work posted on another clip art site please know that it is not being posted to such sites with my permission.

If you own a graphic web site such as, and are looking for images or backgrounds for your site, I suggest you make your own or pay someone to make images or backgrounds for you - you are not permitted to steal my work, post it on your site, or distribute it.

You may not copy or reproduce my work. You may not use my clip art to create your own clip art. Only, I, the copyright holder am allowed to make derivitive images with my work.

Backgrounds and images found On may be used for personal use such as:
  • Personal blogs
  • Personal websites
  • Personal profiles
  • Personal print and craft projects (ie: gift tags, printable greeting cards, bookmarks, recipe cards, etc. - not for commercial use)
  • Personal scrapbooking
  • Classroom education (I permit use for Teachers Pay Teachers - I only ask that I am credited by displaying the name of the site or site URL in the file somewhere - read more here)
All backgrounds, clip art, characters and designs found on were created by and are the property of Laura Strickland. backgrounds and images are free to use for personal use, for educational use such as in printed lessons and worksheets, or small business usage that does not generate a profit such as business signs, business letterheads, etc. The intention of this site is to provide free clip art for teachers to use in printed classroom lessons, and for others to use for personal use; it is not my intention for this site to be used in a school/classroom setting.

You may not copy or reproduce my work.
You may not use my clip art to create your own clip art.
Only the copyright holder is allowed to make derivative images of their work.

* If you are a teacher wishing to use the clip art images and backgrounds in lessons please read "here".

You MAY (non-exclusive right granted by me the copyright owner):
  • Teachers may use the clip art and backgrounds on Teachers Pay Teachers, iSLCollective, ESL Printables, Teachers Notebook, or any teaching resource site, however, I do ask that the site URL is credited somewhere in the file.
  • Teaching materials such as lessons and activities.
  • Small business usage such as office signs, stationery etc.
  • Use the clip art and images for stationery, letterhead, business cards, gift tags, christmas gift tags, menus, banners, signs, advertisements.
  • Use the clip art images and backgrounds for personal use such as, school flyers, school newsletters, newsletters and flyers for organizations such as Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts.
  • Personal invitations and cards, such as baby shower invitations, birthday invitations, birthday cards, thank you cards. etc.
  • Use the clip art and backgrounds for flyers, brochures, business newsletters, organization newsletters, school newsletters etc.

  • You MAY NOT:
    • Distribute the images.
    • Link to the images on my server.
    • Use my clip art in books.
    • Reproduce my work.
    • Use the graphics provided by in an obscene nature.
    • Sell my work. You may not take an image or background and sell it as a stand alone product. If you have questions please feel free to contact me.
    • Package or bundle the backgrounds or graphics created by MyCuteGraphics (Laura Strickland) and sell them. You may use them in lesson plans and activities, however, the backgrounds and images cannot be packaged and sold as a digital or physical bundle package. For example, and to clarify what I do mean: you may not collect every background or image on this website and then create a digital file, or CD Rom containing every one of my backgrounds or graphics and sell them. If anyone has a right to do that, it is me, the copyright owner. :)
    • Use the clip art images on commercial products for Etsy or Zazzle stores.
    • Use the clip art images on t-shirt designs, mouse pad designs, card designs, or any tangible products for commercial use that generates a profit for yourself or business.
    • Use the backgrounds or images on other graphic sites or graphic galleries or websites which distribute clip art, graphics, backgrounds, animations, coloring pages etc.
    • Use any images for egreetings or greeting pages.
    • Cards or invitations that are sold for profit.
    • iPhone, Android, or facebook applications. (If you wish to create an educationl app for your PERSONAL classroom use, that is fine.)
    • Use my clip art in products sold on iTunes.
    • Remove the site url or copyright notice that is visible or embedded in each graphic.
    • Claim my work as your own.
    • Include the images in scrapbook kits.
    • Upload My Cute Graphics Content to commercial graphics gallerys and websites for distribution.
    If you have questions regarding other uses, please contact Here
    Please be kind and give credit where credit is due. I spend countless hours creating the work on this site and being credited for my work helps me to keep this site going. :)
    Also be sure to read the Terms of Service here, which lists examples of allowable and non-allowable uses.