May I use the backgrounds and clip art from MyCuteGraphics on Teachers Pay Teachers?

Yes! I do ask that you please credit me somewhere in the file, however. Just a simple note at the bottom of the file or on a credits page with the sites full URL such as: "Graphics from:" etc. I ask this for two reasons: 1.)So other teachers may find the site 2.) This is my fulltime job and I put in a considerable amount of time making new clip art images and backgrounds. The small note of credit you give back to me helps me to continue to make clip art and backgrounds.
I do not mind teachers using my work on Teachers Pay Teachers etc. because I appreciate what you do. I'm a mom of three boys and I am so thankful for the job all of you do. I've had the privilege of helping in my children's classrooms and I know first hand how much time and energy teachers put into each day and sometimes, I know, you spend money out of your own pocket. Teachers are the cornerstone of our society. After all, without teachers we wouldn't have doctors, scientists, lawyers etc. I am thrilled and honored to help teachers and give back through my work. You may use my work either in freebies or in the lessons that you sell.